Sunday, February 12, 2006

A family gathering and the last of the birthday celebrations

Hiya again
Today, Sunday 10th February, Eladio's brother, José Antonio, and family came to lunch. The gathering was quite important for us all. We were not just going to celebrate Juan's birthday and mine but we were welcoming Sarita (guapa) who we had not seen since July as she is on a scholarship in China. She has come home for a month's holiday (the Chinese New Year) and will be going back to Peking next Sunday and we won't see her again until July. Dear Miguel was the only member of the family missing as he is living and working in London.
We had a copious lunch: a real British roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, finished with a home made birthday cake covered in m&ms. We spent the afternoon chatting, drinking tea and getting up to date on all our activities. The day finished off with a long walk all 9 of us - the same route we take every afternoon, Eladio, my Father and I. It's a brisk walk off the road and across fields near our house where you sometimes see rabbits and other fauna. The sun was just coming down and the full moon coming out and the temperature was just good enough to walk without a coat and that's something at 7 p.m. in February.
Here's a picture of us all today around the table. In order from me to the right: Olivia, Sarita (guapa), Susi, Juan, my Father, José Antonio and Dolores. Eladio took the picutre, as usual.
That's all for the moment folks!

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Anonymous said...

Muchas felicidades Masha, aunque sean con un poco de retraso. Ya sabes que he andado un poco desconectada estos dias... ya de regreso en casa, te mandamos un beso muy fuerte.
Juana, Oscar y Santi