Saturday, October 18, 2008

The rest of the week’s news; Carlos, Fátima and Julio, Santi and the Quixote giants.

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Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll be off to Barcelona on a site inspection tour, so I won’t have time to update my blog which is why I’m doing it today. There isn’t much to report as I’ve already posted the news of Rosy’s visit and the ”X” Motorola girls’ reunion lunch.

Well the lunch yesterday went really well and you can see the photos here. We started at 14h and Marián, Nuria and I were the last to leave at 18h. That was 4 hours of non stop talking as we all had so much to tell each other. I now have the mission, together with Marian to organise the next Ex Motorola Convention. I think that will happen in the New Year. It’s amazing that we are all still so united after so many years. I suppose we can never forget those incredible years we spent together forging and creating the mobile phone market in Spain.
The "X" Motorola girls' reunion lunch
At home we are all still very much under the impression of Rosy’s visit and today my Father tried the Cuban coffee she brought. He thought it was lovely. We haven’t heard from her yet but hope to soon.
My Father with Rosy when she visited our house this week
Rosy and Susy, just before the former left
On Monday I met up with Carlos, another ex Motorolan, for a lovely long lunch. Carlos, now a top executive with The Phone House, started off his professional life in Motorola where we coincided. I have always had a soft spot for him and he knows it, so when he had a terrible life and death car accident a few years ago and most of his body was burnt and no one knew whether he would survive, I became even closer to him in many ways. He survived and I know that the accident not only left physical scars but also an even more positive outlook on life than before.

On Tuesday I had lunch with my favourite “buddies”, Fátima and Julio. As you know, I used to work with them at Nokia and, of course, with Fátima before at Motorola, so I miss them dearly as work colleagues. However we make sure we meet regularly and are completely up to date on each other’s lives.

I also saw Santi from the Mi Querido Watson events agency. Over lunch at La Albufera in Sexta Avenida we caught up on each other’s news. It was good to see him looking so well and happy.

And the weekend is here now. Suzy has gone off to Santa Pola with her boyfriend. Oli will be resting. She works really hard and I thought I ought to include here one of her articles this week for RTVE. The headline is ingenious and the story about wind farms in Valladolid. Of course in Spanish they are known as “wind mill farms”. So Oli called the article: “the Quixote giants (windmills in the book) attack the land of Valladolid”!

Eladio and I will be going to see a rather polemic film tonight called Camino and which has to do with religion, the after life and Opus Dei. Then we will be having dinner with our great friends Roberto and Mari Carmen at, guess where? Yes, La Alpargatería in Majadahonda.

And tomorrow we will be off to Barcelona. Eladio will be accompanying me as my chauffeur and inspector, a job he is very good at.

More about that in my next post.

Cheers till then

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