Sunday, October 05, 2008

A long, lonely and significant week in many ways

Hi again for the last time this week,

Wow this week has been long and full and rather lonely. Lonely because Eladio and Oli have been away which I’m not used to at all. The weekend was the worst and now I am here on Sunday morning writing whilst making their welcome home lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Suzy has gone to get them. I'm so looking forward to their return.

It has also been full of events and outings, starting with a press conference and employee do on Monday which were the culmination of an intense week of preparations. Luckily it all went off really well. I must say, the location, “la casa del duque” or rather Rock and Loft was a great choice. Oli was my hostess and that was lovely.

This week was also significant in that it was the anniversary of my Mother’s passing away 9 years ago. It was also my 2nd anniversary at Yoigo. But you know that already if you have read my other posts this week.

On Thursday, my PR agency, Ketchum, invited me to have lunch with the Yoigo team and we went to a superb place called Sua, just off the Gran Via. Wow was the food good.

On Friday I took the day off. Suzy was free too so we took Grandpa to Ikea and then to Vips in Xanadu for lunch. I think it did him a world of good to get out and take his mind off the pain in his foot. Suzy and I also did a bit of quick shopping whilst Grandpa enjoyed a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

On Friday I also finally got down to writing to “Raju” in India, at Incredible Real India Tours & Travels Pvt.Ltd., recommended to us by Julián and Merche. The idea is to fly out on Boxing day and spend just over two weeks visiting Delhi, Rajastan, Varanesi and end up in Nepal. This trip is to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and is also intended to make up for the honeymoon we never had when we got married.

Even though Eladio was away I still went on our daily walk everyday and made it more enjoyable by listening to part of my great repertoire of music in my phone. Our walk has become an integral part of every day, and is now a physical need in a way.

Yesterday, Suzy had planned a sit down dinner for 12 friends so of course I ended up helping. I was invited to stay but in the end took advantage of being “single” to go out for dinner with Fátima. We went to my latest favourite, De María in Majadahonda and had a great meal and a lovely time chatting and catching up with each other. Fati is doing fine at Nokia Siemens Networks and thoroughly enjoying her marketing job.

And that’s about it for this week, apart from recording Eladio and Oli’s much awaited arrival back today.

Oli will be starting her new job tomorrow and I wish her all the luck in the world. I know she will do well and go far.

Also Grandpa will have the first of two operations on his big toes and I just hope it goes well and he recovers quickly. I don't like him being in pain and having sleepless nights. Poor Daddy!

Cheers till next time

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