Monday, October 22, 2007

Requiem for a dog

Susi with Quillo (left) and Elsa (right) recently

This last week had its sad point as on Tuesday last, Quillo was run over by a car and died. You will remember Quillo from a recent post when Amanda was here and we went to Susi’s boyfriend’s house to take Quillo (Gaby’s dog) and Elsa (Susi’s dog) for a walk. Quillo and Elsa were brought from Cádiz to live with us when they were very small and when they were about 3 months old they went to live with Gaby and his family. Both of them were very enthusiastic about life and the people around them as well as very inquisitive and it was perhaps this inquisitiveness that caused Quillo’s accident. They had both escaped from the house and the accident occurred on the main road near their house. Luckily Elsa was not hurt. But now poor Elsa will have to live her life without Quillo, something which will be difficult for her as they have been together since they were born.

The girls with the puppies when they were small

Elsa and Quillo when they were little (Elsa left, Quillo (Chiquillo) right)
All of us were very upset, specially the girls and Gaby. We found out when we heard them crying after they had received the news on the phone a little while after the accident. And I must say that I shed a little tear or two also for dear Quillo who was a wonderful dog loved by us all.

Rest in peace dear Quillo, you will be sorely missed.


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