Monday, October 22, 2007

Lunch with a friend, tasting outing, visit to the flea market, visit to the cinema, back to the Alpagateria and planning our next trip away.

Olivia and Eladio at the flea market in Majadahonda
Hi there

Last week was pretty busy from both a social and professional perspective, although I managed to mix the two which is actually a personal trait. The sad point of course was Quillo's accident but I won't dwell on that here as I have just written a special post for him.

The week was great as I had lunch with Jill and bumped into old Motorola friends, Alejandro Bueno and Juan Luis Velázquez (both work for the competition: Telefónica and Orange!). We have promised to organise another of those great ex Motorola dinners. I also moved into a nice new office at work. I’m not quite sure if it’s a prize or a bribe to get me to go more often. I say this because I work at home as much as I can.

The weekend was full of socialising, starting with a tasting dinner in the old part of Madrid, La Latina. This was to try out a menu for a party I am organising this week. We took José Antonio and Dolores and they have agreed to come with us any other time we need them for similar activities. It was amazing to see how full Madrid is at night. Suffice it to say it took more than 40 minutes to find a parking space which was very frustrating.

Dolores and I in the bar in La Latina

Eladio and Toño in the bar in La Latina
On Saturday and out of the blue, I decided to visit the Majadahonda flea market. Oli and Eladio quickly decided to join me and we spent a great morning spending money on cheap and nice things. I hadn’t been for years but am a great one for flea markets. Recently a lot I have been too though are pretty “++++”. Majadahonda is probably the best one I have ever been to. It’s not surprising that people come from all over to visit it. So what did I buy you might ask? Well, a great pair of short bootees which are the latest fashion for 16 euros, a lilac coloured pashmina for 5, a black jumper with a white cotton collar for 10 euros, 4 pairs of socks for my Father at 1 euro each, a photo frame for Eladio for 2 euros and a 3 tier steam saucepan for less than 20. I was very pleased with my purchases. Eladio, though doesn’t want to go back for a long time as he ended up forking out over 150 euros between Olivia and I!

This weekend we also went to the cinema, something we haven’t done for some time now. We went to see the Spanish candidate for the best foreign film at the Oscars. It’s called “El Orfonato” (The Orphanage) and is a bit scary and esoteric. There have been many positive write ups here but unfortunately Eladio and I were not that impressed. It’s very similar to “The others” by Amenabar with Nicole Kidman, at least the end is.

After the film we met up with Roberto and Mari Carmen for dinner at our usual place, La Alpargatería and at out usual table. And over dinner we planned another trip together for the next bank holiday this coming 1st November. We shall be going to the Parador in Cazorla. But more news about that when we’ve been.

And that's that for this week. This week coming up will be full of planning and the odd pr lunch too.


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