Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A weekend in April; good weather at last, Oli going again

Hi again,

This weekend was a family affair. It was also Oli’s last weekend with us before going back for the final term of her Erasmus University exchange year in Cornwall. She will be off tomorrow but Eladio and my Father will be going to visit her at the end of this month and she will be back again permanently at the beginning of June. So we will hardly have time to miss her really.

On Friday evening we got a take away (Turkish food) and invited Roberto and Mari Carmen to watch a film at home with us. They came loaded with 3 bottles of wine and of course half way through the film Roberto, at least, was fast asleep. Upon Olivia’s recommendation we watched Nikita – a sort of cult French action film with a super hero woman. Suffice it to say it was ok.

On Saturday the girls were having a goodbye party for Olivia (there have been so many this year!) so Eladio and I thought it politically correct to go out. So out we went, after our constitutional daily walk of course, to see a rotten film by Robert de Niro called The Good Shepherd. It’s a very difficult to follow film about the CIA the plot of which revolves around the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba but it has too many flash backs to possibly understand what the real story is. We were told the film would last 2 hours but it turned out to last 3, which of course made us lose our favourite number 7 table at La Alpargatería and had us having a very slowly served dinner way past 11 o’clock. So last night was not the best of nights out frankly.

Sunday had us having lunch outside for the first time this year as it was the first time the weather really permitted it. Lunch consisted of the girls’ party food left overs, all of which was pretty tasty. The best thing about left-overs is not having to cook! The puppies joined us; for company I mean. And while we were enjoying our lunch, they were enjoying Eladio’s shoe laces, as you can see in the picture.

The girls with Elsa and Killo
Sunday was also a day of chores, one of which was cleaning out the deep freeze in the pantry. I could not resist taking this one of Eladio with half his body inside it!

Cheers till next week friends,


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