Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring is definitely here and brought with it an active social life

Hi there,

Last week and weekend brought the Spring finally and the Spring weather, all of which means spending our time in the patios and garden rather than inside.

I had spent a hectic week of meetings and an evening event on Thursday – believe it or not for a “Blogger night out”, the only social part of which was a lovely lunch at Gino’s with Jill on Wednesday. She was looking lovely as usual and she was very obviously happy in her new job. I must say I envy her travelling.

The weekend was bringing guests which had Eladio and I sprucing the house ready for eating outside on the terraces. Also on Friday we had a new awning or canopy put in the kitchen patio which is where we had installed the new barbecue too and which we were going to use for the first time this weekend.

The new canopy
On Saturday our guests were Marivi, Francisca and Carmen Burgos, former colleagues of Eladio’s from his time with the Spanish Administration. They are three lovely ladies who are obviously good friends too. We spent a lovely lunch and afternoon together where they mostly chatted about old times.

Round the table are Carmen, Marivi (standing up), me, Francisca and Eladio
In the evening we went to Madrid to have dinner at José Antonio and Dolores’ house because Isidro – Eladio’s youngest brother – and Yoli were there to take back Sophie, my cousin Masha’s daughter from Paris who had been on an exchange with Alicia our youngest neice and also my God Daughter. Dolores put on a magnificent spread of sea food.

And Sunday was our quiet day. Susi went to a “Capea” or bull fighting party (actually with a medium sized calf!) and we put our barbecue to use for the first time.

My Father posing by the barbecue. He realy enjoyed the chorizo sausages!
This next Thursday my Father, Eladio and I will be off to the UK to visit Olivia for 4 days. We will be staying at a lovely hotel in Falmouth on the Cornish coast and are really looking forward to going to the UK again. So Boots, Marks and Spencers and Waterstones HERE I COME!.

More about that next week.

Cheers my friends till then,


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