Monday, March 26, 2007

In search of red patent high heeled shoes.

Hi everyone:

When Anne (Nenonen) was here last week we went shopping to Centro Oeste where we visited Lola Rey, one of our favourite shoe shops. I had no intention of buying any shoes nor did I need any until I spied my life long fantasy: a pair of red patent high heeled shoes! They were just the sort I have always wanted and have never had. Oh, yes I’ve got red shoes, have had many pairs of red shoes, but not patent red shoes. I remember as a child my Mother buying me a pair of red shoes which I put on immediately and walked out of the shop with them on. And when I went to bed I put them on a chair at eye level height so’s I could see them as soon as I woke up without having to get out of bed. So yes, I have always loved red shoes. There is something about red; it’s probably my favourite colour.

So how awful it was to find out they didn’t have my size!! I asked if I could order my size and yes I could, just had to leave a deposit and return one week later with the slip of paper. Well, I couldn’t wait a week could I, so returned on Thursday after work. But they weren’t there. Never mind, I was told, they would definitely be there on Saturday and I agreed to ring before. On Saturday I rang but they never answered so I thought they must have been too busy to pick up the phone. As we had to go into “town” anyway – to Majadahonda – Eladio dropped me off while he went to look at barbecues. In I went with my crumpled slip of paper which I gave to the gormless looking shop assistant who had “sold” them to me and who, of course, didn’t remember me or my red patent high heeled shoes. He disappeared into a very disorganised looking storeroom and I stayed outside wondering whether they would be there or not. Well my luck was not in. The gormless shop assistant’s boss told me she was terribly sorry they had been mislaid at the warehouse they were supposed to have come from!!! But not to worry as she herself would go and pick them up personally and they would be ready for picking up that afternoon. Oh well, I thought, at least I can pick them up this afternoon on our way to Fernanda and Jerónimo’s party. However, it was not to be or maybe the shoes were not supposed to be mine as just as we got home they rang me from the shop to say they hadn’t been able to pick up the shoes because of some emergency. They assured me though that they would be in the shop on Monday. Somehow these red patent high heeled shoes are eluding me. When I go on Monday with my crumpled slip of paper, for the 4th time, I think I will have very little hope of finding those so desired red patent high heeled shoes I so desire.

More news tomorrow.

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