Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dinner with Anne and Graciela, The five day headache, Oli came back, Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns and The Bad German

Hi again

Well this week would have been better without the 5 day headache and even as I am writing here, it’s still there in the background; just won’t go. It started on Wednesday night when I went out to dinner with Anne and Graciela to La Txitxarrería in Pozuelo and is still with me today. It took me to bed on Friday afternoon in the middle of a visit from Manuel, Paola and little Daniela who had come to see Anne. I guess it will go eventually but I’m afraid it does take the beans out of me.

Girly dinner at La Txitxarrería in Pozuelo on Wednesday night
So, yeah, Anne came to stay for the weekend as part of an extended business trip. It’s always lovely to have her as she’s like part of the family. Her stay coincided with Oli’s return from Falmouth for her Easter holiday. Both of them were instructed to bring English chocolate Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns (typical currant buns with a cross on the top which the English have for toast on Good Friday and ONLY available in the UK). So we now have a huge pile of both.

Anne and I went shopping on Saturday morning for food for lunch but also to Centro Oeste, her local shopping centre when she lived in Majadahonda. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything but ended up with a beautiful black and white vintage type jacket and a pair of red patent high heeled shoes (very sexy for a 50 year old!!!). Lunch was a full family affair as we had both girls and both boyfriends (welcome back too Pepelu) and the food was typically Spanish to cater for Anne’s craving for Spanish cured ham and tapa type food. The piece de resistance though was American, in the left over brownies Susi and I had made the week before. So after that the only thing any of us could do was take a siesta. Actually I half slept through an old TV favourite film from the girls' childhood, “The Little Princess” – the perfect Saturday afternoon.

In the evening Anne, Eladio and I went to see The Good German to quench our thirst for Second World War films. It turned out to be a complete flop of a film despite George Clooney and Kate Blanchett. It is set in post-war Berlin where an American military journalist is covering the Potsdam peace conference. He gets drawn into a murder investigation which involves his former mistress and his driver; all incredibly complicated and mysterious. It’s a sort of Casablanca style imitation vintage film made in black and white which had me half a sleep before the middle. So I’m afraid I’ve renamed it The Bad German as you can see in the title of my post this week.

Dinner was at Mood again, great food but a little noisy.

And today has been a typical Sunday; most of the morning cooking and washing which are the usual weekend household chores. I’m a bit late with my blog today as the oxtail stew I made this morning took longer than planned. Well I did have a Jacuzzi in the middle of cooking I must admit so I suppose that’s why.

And now Anne has gone, back to London and tomorrow to Helsinki; what a globe trotter she is. I used to be to in my previous job but now my business trips are few and far between unless you count driving from Villaviciosa de Odón to La Moraleja, of course.

Cheers my friends until next week. Have a good one.


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