Saturday, March 04, 2006

Playing Cupid

Hiya again,

Last night we went to an Indian restaurant in Madrid (The Ganges) with some friends. The hidden agenda was that we were playing cupid for a very good friend of mine. An attractive single man was invited but he didn't know he was on a blind date! What fun!

So how did it work out? Difficult to tell really. I know "she" liked "him" who is gorgeous looking and very eligible but I have no idea what he thought. The unlucky thing was the seating as they ended up at opposite ends of the table!! I shall obviously have to practice at being a better cupid.

On the bright side though, we have all agreed to go out again, this time to the theatre.

The picture is of me just before we left home. I think I have that "I'm cooking something look".

PS Sorry no names

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Jill said...

Oh please do tell. At least tell me if I know them. OK?