Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back to the world of work. Tired but happy!

Hiya again

Well we had a great time at the weekend by the beach. Great is relative really, cos, out of 3 days, 2 were spent packing, travelling and cleaning - yes cleaning because the flat had been more or less empty since August. However the day in between was lovely and the walks on the beach and dinner out more than compensated the rest.

So I came back on Sunday mentally refreshed and ready to return to the world of work as in the grindstone. I haven't worked since October, so I am quite out of practice. But actually it is not a grindstone at all. The UEM is very modern and is a typical English or American campus type University, set in lush lawns with lakes, bridges and beautiful surroundings. The big advantage is that it is so close to home. You are surrounded by the bustle of young people which is very uplifting. Also, the atmosphere is quite cultural and international with lots of things going on. The first day I came across an English book exchange bazaar with each book costing 1 euro!! Of course, I came home with at least 10 books.

Apart from people from marketing and communication, I've made friends with the coffee lady, Chus (very important contact), an American teacher called Wendy (in charge of the book bazaar) and Fatima's friend, Birgit Strotmann, a German lady who is head of Languages here and whose English is perfect (nice to have a friend to have coffee with).

The only person I haven't seen here yet is my daughter Olivia who studies at the UEM and is in the same building as me. I don't think she wants to see me either as she finds the whole situation a bit embarrassing.

As to my first task, setting in motion the Doctor Honoris Causa event, it's working out a lot lot easier than I thought. The most attractive thing about it is the novelty; doing something I've never done before. So, yes, after 4 days, the balance is tired, but happy with life.

More news next week .......


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Jill said...

Masha this is wonderful!!! COngratulations!! I am sooo happy for you! Another etapa is over thank goodness! Now that one of your projects is well only have the other two to handle and they will come all by themselves. Oh good. We'll talk on the 1st and you'll tell me all about it!