Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Searching for a new house


A few days of silence as we had an internet blackout for a few days but actually we are really busy searching for a new house.

A lot of you know that Eladio and I shall be selling our current house because my Father is coming to live with us and we need more space - actually a bedroom on the ground floor.

We have probably looked at about 70 houses in the same area where we live now and finally have come across the dream house, but actually 2 dream houses. We are having trouble choosing.

Our first choice is a British looking pink house with ivy and the second is a more modern (yellow house) built by an Argentinian football player who has just left Spain.

I wonder what your choice would be .......

Let me know.

Photos are of the pink house with ivy, our current (white) house where we have lived for the last 18 years!!! and the yellow Argentinian house.

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