Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My family

I am Mother to Susana (aged 21) and Olivia (aged 20). They are stunning looking girls. Susi is studying Food science (the idea that as she loves food so much she might as well study it) and Oli is doing Media studies - well actually it's a triple degree in media studies, advertising and audiovisual communication.

I have been married to Eladio for over 22 years now. It's quite normal for me but often some of my English girlfriends ask me if we are still together. Well we are and that proves that some marriages can be successful. Eladio has just retired (early retirement) after being a teacher of philosophy and before that a Catholic Priest.

My Father, Charles Courtenay Lloyd, now 86 is going strong. He is shortly coming to live with us - he will be moving out of his house in Bradford (UK) after 40 years. But he's looking forward to being with us all here in Madrid.

Pictures are of Eladio (relaxing in the garden at home), Olivia in the middle (at Amanda's wedding do) and Susi (close up) on the right.

Published 14th September 2005


Lois said...

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YOLI said...

Bueno, bueno, bueno...
No me lo puedo creer. Me has pillado sabiendo lo que es un blog de milagro! Si me envías esto mismo hace 15 días, pienso que mi cuñada se ha convertido en una estrella de internet o algo así. Menos mal que ví el otro día a Alicia "trajinar" con una cosa parecida y me explicó.
Un beso.

Olivia said...

it´s really nice and you look so beautifull, i really wish u made the effort to look after yourself a bit more, and soon look as stunning as you always have been.
Love oli