Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas 2008 and a wonderful 2009

Eladio and I getting into the Christmas spirit

Just a few words to send some Christmas greetings and spread the seasonal cheer here on my blog.

It's amazing how one year has nearly passed and it is Christmas again and how, at least for us, it never loses its magic.

Yesterday we went to Julio's annual dinner which has become a tradition for us all now. We have a great meal, exchange gifts, pull crackers (courtesy of yours truly + thank you English shop in Santa Pola), and voice our objectives for the next year. However there was a change for the better in the programme this year as each of us was to contribute with some sort of performance or activity.

Fátima came up with the funny crisis video from You Tube (bit easy eh!), Julio got off lightly telling us a horror story he had had with noise, neighbours and central heating and the girls and I surprised everyone by singing Christmas carols with 3 voice harmony which we only had time to practise in the bathrooma a few minutes before. The piece de resistance, however, was Eladio's repertoire of jokes. He had been scouring the internet for the past 3 weeks to find the best ones and oh were they funny, specially the ones about hospitals and medicines in Japanese!!!

And here are the photos of the night. You can see them here on Facebook

Best wishes to my friends, family and readers


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