Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last week

Jane and me, 40 years later in Madrid!
Hi again

The highlight of last week was dinner with Jane and Hywel (it took me a while to get my tongue round that - it is a Welsh name pronounced "Huwel"). Jane (nee McEvoy) and I were at school together, SJC (St. Joseph’s College) and were actually in the same form, “Kappa”. We saw each other recently at the SJC reunion dinner in May. Jane and Hywel, both GPs in Cardiff, had just come from the bull run in Pamplona (Los San Fermines) and were stopping in Madrid on route to the coast to stay with friends. It was a great Anglo Spanish evening where we compared the different styles of life and all agreed that the weather in this country is Spain’s great plus. We had dinner at that very emblematic Spanish building, La Casa de América or El Palacio de Linares as it is also known in the terrace of the restaurant run by the Paradis restaurant group. The food, unfortunately was nothing to write home about.
Jane and Hywel a very united couple
Hywel and Eladio, very different physically, one so Welsh, one so Latin but absolutely on a par mentally.
Suzy was back on Friday from El Escorial from her course on health in pregnant women. I guess her memories though will be much more linked to the new friends she made and their evenings out than anything clinical to judge by the photos she showed me. As soon as she was back, she was off again. And “again” it was to El Escorial, this time to the camping site with her boyfriend and another couple.

Meanwhile Oli was fully into the swing of things at RTVE. She is working in the Internet and new technologies department and seems to be churning out articles for the RTVE website non-stop. Just take a look at these to see the sort of stuff she has to write: Oli’s articles Oli’s articles I can’t help feeling quite proud of her. She is working from 3 pm to 10 pm every day and doesn’t get paid a penny. However the experience is well worth the effort.

Last week I also had lunch with my girlfriends Ana, Jill, Zenaida and Fátima at a great Asian place in Las Rozas. We hadn’t seen Ana since she had baby Mencía last October and so there was a lot to catch up on. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo for my blog 

As you can see not much really to recount but a quiet week at last working at home and with the family which was very much needed after so much activity in June.


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