Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hi again midweek

Today I had lunch with Laura Iniesta. Laura was my student internee at Motorola quite some years ago. I hadn't seen her for a whole year, since my birthday last year, so I think the occasion is certainly worth a post in my blog.

Laura and I at lunch today in The Lighthouse in Las Rozas. I'm afraid the photographer's pulse was a little weak to judge by the blur of the photo.

Laura is now the proud mother of Gonzalo aged 6 and Belen aged 3. She was once my scatty but very professional PR assistant at Motorola when she was a student. We were sort of a Mother and daughter duo and enjoyed working together. I will never forget events such as the Devota and Lomba fashion evening, the Real Madrid basket ball sponsorship, the Champions League hospitality activities, to mention just a few. Laura is one of those charismatic, easy going, smiling people who naturally attract others whilst not really realising the gift she has which, actually, makes her even more attractive.

She may not know this, but I still have a copy of the beautiful letter she wrote to me when she left. It's a bit dog eared now but it's something I will want to keep for ever.

Laura, keep smiling.

Thanks for today.


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