Sunday, December 09, 2007

A 3 day week and off to Gredos

Hi again,

This last week was very short work wise as there was a long bank holiday weekend from Thursday onwards, all thanks to the Spanish constitution (6th Dec) as well as the Immaculate Conception (8th Dec). I’m not RC but I am very much in favour of all their saints because of their link to days off from work!

It was a short week but I had to get a lot in before being able to go off on holiday and feel free to enjoy it.

On Monday we had an interview with a financial paper which turned out to be front page news the next day!!! On Monday we also had time at work to respect the 5 minutes silence that was happening all over Spain in protest for the killing by the Basque terrorists of a Spanish policeman in the south of France at the weekend. His colleague, also shot at, sadly died 2 days later.

The highlight of the week was lunch with Mónica on Monday. Mónica was my ex assistant at Nokia. She now works for a Spanish bank and looks as sweet and blooming as ever. We had a great time going over the past and catching up on the present too. Wow, how I miss her company and help at work.

Tuesday had me visiting the Plaza Mayor Christmas market to choose joke items for the up and coming employee Christmas party. I nearly got pick pocketed but luckily survived. On Tuesday evening Eladio and I went to the Casa de América for a tasting dinner for the same party.

Dinner at Casa de América
On Wednesday we had another interview, this time with a top Spanish weekly magazine called Tiempo. And at lunchtime I went to the Finnish Embassy for a cocktail party to celebrate their independence day. This year it is the 90th anniversary of their independence from their Russian neighbours. I’m afraid to say that this year’s party was a bit boring for me as the people I had had a good time with the year before, namely Viivi, were not there this time. So I left pretty early, picked up my pc from the office and made my way home.

Photo to prove I was at the Finnish Embassy
My dearest Finnish friend Anne arrived late on Wednesday night, so she got a quick hug to say hello and good night. Our time to chat would start the next day at breakfast. Thanks by the way Anne for bringing the dark break, the salmon and the chewing, altghough the latter were entirely devoured by Susi and her friends while we were away!

And as I finish this post, I must just add a Happy Birthday to my dear nephew Mario whose birthday it was on Monday. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Mario!

And the next day, we set off on our trip to Gredos, the central mountain range in Spain in the province of Avila.

But more about that in the next post.


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