Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Gardner and a Full House

Hello again

Here I am writing again this Sunday morning. Last night Eladio and I watched the Constant Gardner. The plot doesn’t have much to do with gardening but the title fits Eladio quite well. Here is a great picture of him spraying pesticide on some of our plants.

The constant gardner!

One of the plants is the lovely Hibiscus which Ana Valdivieso brought us for our housewarming party at the beginning of July. Ever since it has produced a new flower nearly every day; quite incredible.

Ana's plant

I also wanted to show you this lovely single pear on the small pear tree we inherited from the previous owners. It has been growing for months now, getting bigger every day. I wonder who is going to eat it?

The pear tree

And today we have a full house as last night all the bedrooms were full. The girls had a dinner party and some of the guests slept overnight. They have all been waking up at different times this morning and they will all be staying for lunch. So it’s like a non stop party for them. And as I am writing, at least 20 chicken legs are roasting in the oven.

I’ll leave you now to attend them.

Enjoy the photos.

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