Friday, June 09, 2006

New home, new life. Moving in: the removal men and Henry the cat. And yes we now have internet again!

Hello again
Well as predicted this new post is being written from our new house with a brand new internet connexion. It's great to have internet back at long last. Thanks Telefónica!!
So here we are finally, adapting, adjusting, settling in, opening mountains of boxes and then dragging the empty ones down the drive to be picked up by the town council, washing, cleaning and more or less never leaving the house as there is so much to do. But the essentials are up and running: deep freeze, fridge, electrical appliances, tv, internet and a new telephone line.
The move took place over 2 exhausting days in great heat. There were 3 lorries and 10 men. I must talk about the men because it was a very interesting group, besides the fact that some of them were extremely fit and good looking, so Susi and I thought!!!! The foreman, Ernesto, was the only Spaniard and wow did he work hard; he was so fast I wondered if he was going to have a fit with so much activity. Then came Jerry, the good looking Bulgarian who was extremely happy to be in charge of the content of Olivia's room (more boxes came out of Olivia's room than any other room in the house!!! - in the new house she has 2 rooms!! One is for sleeping and the other is her study!). In fact there were about 3 Bulgarians, 2 Peruvians, 2 Ecuadorians, 1 Colombian and 1 Indian.
Dismantling the lounge in Río Tajo
The van outside Río Tajo.
Henry our cat deserves a mention in this post. When we all finally moved out, he wasn't around so we decided to go back to Río Tajo later to get him. Susi and her boyfriend Gaby went to get him only to find that our old house was already occupied by the new owners and that there were 2 enormous and ferocious boxers guarding the house. So obviously Henry was staying away. He was finally found in a neighbour's garden and brought to the new house. It took him a night of crying in the kitchen and a few walks around the garden to get used to the place and now he seems to be having a "royal time" to quote my Father. He was found yesterday sleeping in one of the empty boxes and nearly got thrown out with the rubbish!!!
I have some great pics of the move but blogger doesn't want to upload photos at the moment.
Must go now to do more work. It is endless, very tiring but also very rewarding.
All the best

All the boxes on the landing of our new house - mostly Oli's.


Anonymous said...

Felicidades por la nueva casa!
Queremos ver fotos!!!
Muchos besos de Juana, Oscar y Santi para todos vosotros.

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