Sunday, April 02, 2006

A busy weekend socialising and house hunting

Hello again

Well this weekend has been really busy. We had 2 social engagements on Saturday, a housewarming lunch at Ana and Tomy's and dinner with Eladio's brother and family. Isidro, Yoli, Alicia and Laura had come from León to send Ali (my God daughter) off to Paris for 2 weeks to stay with Sophie who is the daughter of a second cousin of mine also called Masha. Sophie had stayed with Alicia for Christmas.

On top of that we had to see some houses and possibly make an offer to those on our list of finalists. Of our top 5 only numbers 4 and 5 are now available, so we quickly arranged to see some more this weekend.

As things turned out, lunch at Ana and Tomy's was great (see the picture) but a bit rushed for us. Their new house in El Boalo is lovely and it was also nice to see the other Nokia friends, Jill and Paco, Zenaida and her dishy Finnish boyfriend Tapani, as well as Susana. The picture accompanying this post is of us all bursting after lunch. We also got a chance, finally to see the photos of Ana and Tomy's wedding and amazing honeymoon in Kenya. Beautiful!.

From there we went to makie an offer to our favourite house, the pink one but the negotiations turned sour unfortunately so we went home a bit sad.

Then we were off to dinner to Madrid with Eladio's family when we got a phone call from them at the airport to tell us Alicia had not been able to fly. The whole affair turned out to be a complete nightmare. Yoli, my sister-in-law had bought the ticket on internet and Ali, who is 14, was flying with a new low cost airline called "Vueling". They checked in ok, they saw her off, she passed 2 controls and then, just when she was getting on the plane they asked how old she was. She replied that she was 14 and they said that she could not get on the plane. All the arguing in the world got them nowhere, even though the police and aiport authorities were on their side. But Vueling would not budge. So they all went home to José Antonio's house in Madrid where we joined them for a very late dinner. Finally Yoli bought another ticket on internet, this time with Easyjet, for today, which, of course cost a fortune. But now Ali is on her way to Paris, on her first ever flight. Have a great time my love.

And today, well, today. Oh, dear, yes, we have seen our dream house. It is amazing and has more bathrooms than Imelda Marcos shoes. But will they accept our offer which is quite below their asking price??? Probably not. So, we shall carry on looking.

The nice thing about the house hunting was that there was no time for making lunch so my Father, Grandpa, kindly invited us to a slap up lunch at the club down the road which we all turned into a celebration for selling Río Tajo 5.

Let's see what this week will bring????


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