Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat

Hello again

I haven't written for a long time - not much to post really is probably the reason. Also my 3 main projects are proving difficult: 1) lose weight fast (have lost 6 kgs but have not budged for a month despite HUGE sacrifices and now Christmas is coming - HELP!!!- CHANGE AND CORRECTION HERE: today Monday 19th I have lost 2 kg more, all in all 8kg!!!), 2) find a new job (not doing well on that scene either - also had a bit of a blow over one particular position - won't go in to that though because it's all a bit depressing) and 3) sell this house fast so as to buy the new dream house (see my last post) or the Argentinian one. There hasn't been much light so far but there may be positive movements soon so stay clued to this blog and I will let you know.

So, all in all a bit depressing. But, Christmas is coming and I love Christmas so refusing to go under being my main objective in this new period in my life, here I am with one week to go and practically no shopping done. But don't despair, all is planned and everything will be alright on the day, as happens every year. The first bout of shopping happens tomorrow when Susana (my oldest daughter) and I hit the shops at 10 am with the big spenders, my husband and my father - ready to spend money on the presents we tell them to buy. The second and hopefully last bout will be on Thursday when Olivia (my second daughter) and I will hit the shops for the rest of the presents.

To prove Christmas has arrived at Calle Río Tajo, 5 here is a photo of Eladio next to the tree we put up on Friday last.

So a Happy Christmas to you all and a great year ahead too for all of us.

Love Masha

PS Thanks Jill for the tip about getting Christmas crackers at Taste of America. They have them and tomorrow I'm picking up 4 boxes!!
PPS Thanks Anne for bringing me the needed English Christmas goodies without which our Christmas tables would not have been the same: cranberry sauce, Paxo sage and onion stuffing and Christmas crackers
PPPS Thanks darling Miguel for bringing me the nearly forgotten Christmas pudding from Waitrose.


Maija said...


Hope you and your family will have a wonderful Chritmas!
I am still in Milan but getting home tomorrow and starting my preparations - all the presents are bought, though. Will also send you a separate in e-mail shortly.

Happy Chritmas from the land of Santa!
Best, Maija

Taureta said...

Merry Christmas Masha,
Let's see if 2006 is coming with really good news!!!