Monday, November 21, 2005

My latest news and a quick trip to León - 17th Nov 2005

Hiya again

I've been very quiet recently - still busy house hunting, job seeking and dieting (yes girl friends, I have lost 6kgs since 17th October - you want to know the method? It's called Herbalife!!!). Oh, and I must tell you that my Father has gone on holiday (all by himself at the good old age of 86) to Helsinki - good connections got a good price at the SAS Radisson Royal which he is enjoying immensely.

Made a quick visit to León last Thursday so that Eladio and his 5 other brothers and sisters and their Mother could sign some legal document to do with my recently deceased Father-in-law's will. It was a nice opportunity to be together. So of course we enjoyed a good lunch and not so good dinner out together. We also took a photo for memory's sake.

From left to right: Alejandro, José Antonio, myself, Adela, Pili, Ernestina (their Mother), Eladio, Primo, Isidro and Dolores (names in bold are the brothers and sisters). Missing were Andrés (Pili's husband), Yoli (Isidro's wife) and Marisa (Alejandro's partner).

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